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Motorhome rentals


Experience the real America with a 'camping' holiday like no other by renting a motorhome in true North American style. Vacations to America have partnered with Cruise America, a family company who have been providing motorhomes to clients just like you for over 40 years.

Cruise America operates the largest fleet of motorhomes in North America. Each vehicle is fully equipped and designed to provide the optimum in comfort and practicality.Rentals are possible from 25 locations throughout the USA.


Travelling by motorhome is the perfect choice if you want to explore at your own pace, staying overnight at sites where the nearest hotel is literally miles away. Experience the fun, freedom and flexibility of stopping where and when you choose. You can get off the beaten track and stay in the heart of North America’s most stunning landscapes.

A motorhome is also great value for money as you combine your transport and overnight costs.

Give one of our consultants a call and they will discuss the best vehicle options and itineries and provide you with a prompt quotation tailor made just for you.

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